We’re Pretty Awesome.

A life-long of friendly and professional bond, which you can be part of!

Why Zombie Soup? We find ourselves driven, with a constant hunger to create and evolve. And over time many have tried to be a part of our creative kitchen, but they were not able to adopt to our culture – which is based on excellence and execution. So we find ourselves with a rare breed of minds, assembled to trust in each others integrity and co-leadership.

Zombies, that have caught the same virus we today call simply inspiration. And such a virus is spread by our technology dishes we deliver, a global impact with a constant & continues spread.

We specialize in the right ingredients such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality. A mixture combined with the void of ideas wanting to be realized, but such a dish requires the knowledge of timing, collaboration, growth and an agile foundation. The final product – a soup of engagement, addictive by design. In its DNA you can sense all of us, our hunger to impact the enduser experience and its viral spread.

Agon Avdimetaj

Co-Founder, CEO

Dorjan Berishaj

Co-Founder, COO

Esat Pllana

Co-Founder, CTO

Dren Imeraj

VP of Engineering

Enis Tocilla

VP of Software Dev.

Sokol Maloku

Software Developer

Gent Berani

Software Developer

Arben Pnishi

Software Developer

Etrit Tahiri

Software Developer

Arben Mehani

QA Engineer

Rinor Haziri

Web Developer

Agnesa Belegu

Game Director

Fidan Ademi

Backend Developer

Ditbardh Uka

UX/UI Designer

Drenusha Imeraj

Software Developer

Imrit Kasapolli

Project Manager

Donart Selimi

UX/UI Designer

Endrit Xhemaili

Game Developer

Liridon Sadiku

Software Developer

Rinor Dreshaj

Backend Developer

Altin Maloku

Game Developer

Fjolla Shtitarica

Web Developer

Urim Gashi

Software Developer

Fllanza Avdimetaj

Software Developer

Ferdane Halimi

Full Stack

Board of advisors.

Arben Kane

Co-Founder, Chairman

Alon Hillel-Tuch

Strategic Advisor

Syed Ashraf, MD

Health Tech Advisor

Roland Lesterlin

VR Advisor

Farhad Chowdhury

Health Tech Advisor